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Environment, Occupational Health and Safety (EOHS)
Mfar lays great stress on occupational health, safety & environment protection. Our motto of “Safety First Quality Plus” demonstrates this commitment and our contribution to safety. At each of our project sites, it is ensured that safe work practices are followed and environment is protected.

Everyone ensures that all safety precautions are taken so that no accidents take place. Accidents result in loss of life of very young people and this also leads to great hardship for their families. As life is precious to us, it is also very precious to the construction worker who may be the sole bread earner for his family. Life cannot be measured in monetary terms. We ensure the safety of the worker and this aspect is never taken lightly. Safe site increases the effectiveness, output and efficiency of the worker.

Mfar has had very good safety record, because of which it has been awarded international certificates and also won various national safety and environment awards. Mfar believes that being socially responsible can help the business in the long run as it not only enhances the reputation of the company but also builds loyalty and trust among employees as well as clients. The following quote of Mfar Chairmen best exemplifies our commitment to safety.

“We would like to set new trends with regards to safety and environment protection. We believe that all accidents are preventable and human life is invaluable & irreplaceable.”
                                                                                                                     – Dr P Mohamed Ali, Chairman, Mfar Constructions

Every possible measure is taken to protect environment and ensure occupational health and safe working places for its employees. It is this commitment of Mfar, which won them the prestigious ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification for meeting international standards of Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. It is a matter of great pride for Mfar that we are one of the very few construction companies in India to be recipient of all these three certificates.

Company EOHS Policy

We consider management of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety as an integral part of our overall business performance. We achieve this through a carefully structured plan outlined thus:

•   Compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements pertaining to Environment, Occupational Health and      Safety.

•  Educating and Training all employees in Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Practices.

•  Conservation of resources like water, power, and minimising Environmental impacts and Occupational Health and     Safety risks in the processes, products and services.

•  Providing a framework for reviewing our Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems     through monitoring and measurement of our EOHS performance and continual improvement efforts.

•  Actively promoting and encouraging the pursuit of good practices in the management of our Environment,    Occupational Health & Safety System to relevant stakeholders through communication and sharing of information    and expertise.

We are committed to provide resources to ensure an environmentally sound, healthy and a safe workplace.

Company EOHS Objectives

Mfar fulfills the following EOHS objectives:
•  Provide adequate training, development skills to all company personnel and other associated with its business so as    to ensure proper health, safety and environmental protection.

•  Evaluate, health, safety and environmental protection performance of own and sub-contractors periodically to ensure    that the set standards are achieved.

•  Report and investigate all accidents, analyse causes, monitor and disseminate learning points so as to minimise    accidents and prevent recurrence.

•  Maintain close liasion with local authorities, Government Departments and professional bodies in the field of EOHS    so as to ensure that improved codes of practice in the relevant areas are implemented.

Management Commitment

The Top Management of the company is committed to the EOHS Policy and Objectives and aims to develop a safety-oriented work culture throughout the organisation. It aims to do so by educating all personnel at all levels of the organisation through various activities related to Safety Management. Some of the activities and achievements are listed below:

•  EOHS policy is circulated to all the sites and contents are disseminated to all personnel on a regular basis.

•  Safety signages are put up at all the construction sites. Every effort is made to ensure that work areas are safe.

•  PPE is provided to all the workers and it is ensured that the same is used on a regular basis.

•  Induction training is given to all the newly recruited employees including senior level staff by the Head (EOHS). At the    sites the newly recruited workers are given induction training. Refresher training is given by the Safety Staff once in 6    months.

•  Tool box meetings are conducted daily for the workers by Safety Officers & Site Engineers/Supervisors before    commencement of the day’s work..

•  Internal EOHS Audits are being conducted at all the sites once in two months by nominated Auditors and any non-   
    conformances are listed and rectified on priority.
•  A system of giving an award is in force on quarterly basis for the ‘Best Site’, wherein the safety standard of the site    including documentation are audited and points allotted and winning site is declared.
•  EOHS Committee Meetings are conducted once a fortnight at each site, which is attended by the PLs, Senior    Engineers, Safety Officers, Camp Boss and other Committee Members including sub-contractors. The minutes of the    meetings are recorded and wherever corrective action is required to be taken, the same is done on priority.

•  First Aid Clinics with adequate stock of emergency medicines are established at each construction site.

•  Personnel are trained in First Aid on a regular basis. We try and achieve a ratio of at least 1 First Aider for every 100    workers.

•  Labour camps are established at all our construction sites and these are maintained in a hygienic & professional    manner. The camps are looked after by camp supervisors/camp boss who are always available at the camps to    ensure their upkeep & cleanliness.

•  With a view to keep the children away from the working areas, ‘Creches’ are established and Care-takers are recruited    to look after and teach the children. Books and uniforms are supplied to these children free of cost. This has greatly    helped in building up the morale of the workers.

•  A visiting Doctor is arranged for each construction site to treat minor ailments. He acts as the Company Medical    Advisor and renders useful advice on health, hygiene and sanitation at various sites.